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Message from the Chairman of Board of Trustees and CEO of the Islamic Foundation of Science and Technology

Dr. Hasan Abdul Kadir

Assalamualaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Welcome to the Islamic Foundation of Science and Technology (“Foundation”).

The Foundation was formed to act as a trustee for the development of education in Southern Thailand. Specifically, the Foundation aims to raise funds for the establishment of an Islamic university, based on Islamic teaching and specializing on scientific and technological courses, in Yala, Thailand. The university will be called the Asian Islamic University of Science and Technology (“AIUST”).

The Foundation is formed based on the realization that education is the key for human development – materially as well as spiritually. Currently there is a serious lacking in such higher education opportunities for the people of Southern Thailand. The establishment of AIUST will therefore serve as an important avenue for the Islamic tertiary education to the local population.

The Foundation was officially registered with the government of Thailand on 28 February 2012, with the registration number of 1/2555, and having the official address at 766 Siroros Road, Sateng Sub-District, Muang Yala, Yala Province, Thailand.

On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to invite all fellow Muslims to participate in this noble cause by giving generous donations to help us to realize our goals in establishing the Islamic university, AIUST. For all donors and others who provide their support to the Foundation, please accept my sincerest gratitude and appreciation. May Allah s.w.t. provide you with good rewards in this world and the Hereafter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hasan Abdul Kader @ Massae Rinissae
Chairman and CEO
Islamic Foundation of Science and Technology
Yala, Thailand

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